Music by John Grimmett
Original text by Jason Carlson
Commissioned by Fort Bend Symphony Orchestra (Dominique Royem, conductor)

John has a clear, expressive style that is suited to expressive, emotional storytelling.
— conductor Dominique Royem to the Houston Chronicle, September 26, 2016


Music by Joel Love
Original text by John Grimmett
Commissioned by Panoramic Voices (Brent Baldwin, conductor)

Choral work for cantus, SATB choir, and orchestra based on religious writings, quotes, and original poetry. This piece was commissioned to be a prelude/companion piece to the Bach Mass in B Minor. The title is taken from a traditional story as told by the Sufi mystic, Rumi. In the parable, several men are asked to identify an elephant in a darkened room purely by feel. Each man identifies a piece of the animal accurately from his perspective, but all fail to recognize the whole. The moral of the story is that all perspectives have significance and are important in recognizing the whole. (Description adapted by program notes by the composer)

ENOUGH (2017)

Music and words by John Grimmett
Commissioned by Nate Mattingly (bass-baritone)

Song cycle for bass-baritone and piano based on original poetry.

I. A thought at midnight
II. A beloved maple
III. Art
IV. Communion
V. Enough

FREEDOM SONGS (2016-2017)

Music by John Grimmett
Texts from African-American spirituals, Mary Matsuzawa, Langston Hughes, Emily Dickinson, Oscar Wilde, and David Rosenthal.

Song cycle for soprano and piano based on texts both influencing and influenced by the American condition.

I. Balm in Gilead (African-American Spiritual) / My Plea (Matsuzawa)
II. Uptown One (Grimmett)
III. Democracy (Hughes)
IV. Nobody Knows The Trouble (African-American Spiritual) / Title Divine (Dickinson)
V. Sonnet to Liberty (Wilde)
VI. Trees Need Not Walk the Earth (Rosenthal)


Music by Daniel Zajicek
Words by John Grimmett

Song cycle for bass-baritone and piano that examines a man's relationship with his bedroom furniture over the course of his life.

I. The telephone
II. The mirror
III. Underneath the bed
IV. Teddy
V. The old dresser (words by Daniel Zajicek)

Mark Diamond sings Clint Borzoni's "To Belong," arranged for baritone, cello and piano. Performed with Musica Marin on Feb. 4, 2017 in Belvedere, CA. Words by John Grimmett.

To BELONG (2017)

Music by Clint Borzoni
Words by John Grimmett
Premiered on February 4, 2017 by Musica Marin and the Merola Opera Program

Song cycle for baritone, cello, and piano consisting of short poems that ask more questions than they answer.

I. To belong
II. Fatal attraction
III. Night promise
IV. Come back to me
V. A verse for Nikko
VI. Famous last words


Music and words by John Grimmett
Commissioned by Ann Moss (soprano) and Emil Miland (cello)
Premiered on February 27, 2016 at Live at Mission Blue, Brisbane, CA.

Song cycle for soprano and cello based on major life events for which one might receive a greeting card or written note. The texts are original and range from the humorous (an evite-inspired RSVP request) to the light-hearted (a child's letter to the tooth fairy) to the stark (a "Dear John" letter to an ex-lover) to the profound (a self-penned obituary of a woman diagnosed with cancer).


Libretto by John Grimmett
Music by Kenneth Froelich
Commissioned by Ann Moss (soprano) and the Hausmann Quartet.
Premiered at California State University, Fresno on October 26, 2016

Song cycle for soprano and string quartet based on the life of Ada Lovelace, the world's first computer programmer.

I. My Father’s Daughter
II. The Machine
III. Seen and Heard, Heard But Not Listened To
IV. Finite Differences
V. Discovering the Light
VI. On Rejection from Charles Babbage
VII. Behind Closed Doors
VIII. On a Visit from Charles Dickens

LOVE LIFE (2015)

A new album by Ann Moss and friends featuring new music by composers Jake Heggie and Liam Wade as well as an arrangement by John Grimmett for Ann and Chanticleer.

Support Ann by purchasing the complete album on iTunes, CDBaby, and Bandcamp.

Viola sonata (2015-16)

Music by John Grimmett
Commissioned by Justin Ouellet (viola)

A sonata for viola and piano.

I. Vivace
II. Lento
III. Allegro

High and low (2013)

Music by Liam Wade
Text by John Grimmett and Edna St. Vincent Millay
Commissioned by Jennifer Piazza-Pick (soprano) and Cheryl Cellon Lindquist (piano)
Premiered in September 2013

Song cycle for soprano and piano with poetry by Edna St. Vincent Millay and John Grimmett.

I. Afternoon on a Hill (Millay)
II. distance is crueler than the coldest february (Grimmett)
III. Wraith (Millay)
IV. Only Until This Cigarette Has Ended (Millay)


Music by John Grimmett
Commissioned by Meghann Bronson (choreographer)

A chamber ballet for piano trio inspired by the work of same name by photographer Gregory Crewdson. Performed at The Secret Theatre (August 2013) and Peridance Capezio Center (September 2013).