What do you do with states of red and blue
and the amber waves of grain so grand
while plainer folks are the same old jokes
and politicians keep their iv’ry hides so tanned?
If only you were paid enough,
you probably could be swayed enough
though blaming is easy, and thinking? A drag!
Since the White House went black,
by God, you’ll take it back
and sing the “NOT-MY-PRESIDENT” rag.

What do you say when, to Jesus, you pray?
“I pray for all the heretics and fools,
the darkies and queers and the sum of our fears —
if only we had prayer in the schools!”
And while you scream and grip your rights,
the suits still try to strip your rights,
while, grinning, on your lawn, you don a flag!
Rather face what’s true,
you’ll sport a strip of blue
and sing the “NOT-MY-PRESIDENT” rag.

But tides will turn — this you’ve assured:
when you handed me silence, you gave me your word.
You tell me: “Abide!” “Take up my side,
despite all the rage and the scorn I’ve supplied!”
And for what, I must ask, and at who’s expense?
“A more perfect union” becomes the common defense,
but “a more perfect union” without common sense
and “a more perfect union” behind a steel fence
is “a more perfect union” that’s perfectly tense.
This is the offense, the threat to democracy,
and “crown thy good with brotherhood” is the example of hypocrisy.

“America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
Till nobler men keep once again
Thy whiter jubilee!”

So what to expect when we’ve lost all respect
for an office that once was highest in the land?
I’m choosing to speak for the mild and the meek
while you would rather sit than take a stand.
And though I’m here to fight for you,
I’ll do my best in spite of you
so, pardon me, should I choose to gag!
Now that the master race
has stared me straight in the face,
I’ll sing the “NOT-MY-PRESIDENT” rag.
(Now, it’s my turn!)
I’ll choose the “NOT-MY-PRESIDENT” rag.
(Pretty, ain’t it?)
I’ll use the “NOT-MY-PRESIDENT” rag.
How much have we learned
now that the tables have turned?
Someone’s always singin’

(That’s all I got so back to hummin’ I go…)



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