Seven weeks in, eight:
may the Lord accept the sacrifice at your hands;

Eight unexpected evenings
borne from quiet mornings:
for the praise and glory of his name;

Congress refuses,
money changes hands:
for our good;
and the good of all — his holy Church.

And now, the routine:
Take this, 
all of you, 
and eat of it
for this is a body
which will be given up for you.... 

Bless the bulletproof backpacks
and metal detectors
and our worst fears manifest.
Bless the now child-barren parents
and teacherless children.
Bless the firearm of our anger,
a deep shout into the dark.

Take this, 
all of you, 
and drink from it
for this is the chalice
of our collective blood, 
the blood of a new
and eternal covenant, 
which will be poured out
for you and for many.

Ite, missa est:
Thanks be to God.
It is right and just.




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