How do we say goodbye
he says to me
you understand he says to me
with the end up like a question
but I don’t understand

he says it will be a long time
before we see each other again
I know I say
but it is not what I mean to say
I mean to say
I regret the moments we have spent frivolously
because if I could see this moment coming
boy wouldn’t I spend time with you the correct way

we would not be human
he reminds me
he reminds me
we would not be human

this is not goodbye-goodbye
he says it’s a beginning
and all that
and that sounds fine for a while
but soon I grow tired
and a little teary
and somewhere down the road
where we were once children
I slowly unravel like a worn piece of fabric
who suddenly discovers
he is not simply a piece of fabric
but a hole in the cloth of living
working his way slowly outward
and dividing himself in half

and that’s how I know I am alive
for now
for the time being
and he has been talking
and I have been watching his eyes ignite
while the cat in the window
rises and stretches
and leaves us
to brave the impending winter.



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