I say to hate is easy, to love takes courage,
an ounce of brains is worth much more than brawn.
And all those things must make me good,
so that's how I’ll go on.
That’s how I’ll go on.

Protect my friends, lift up my neighbors,
my word is stronger than a cop’s baton.
I think that’s what makes me good,
so that's how I’ll go on.
That’s how I’ll go on.

Let ‘em talk and call me stupid.
Let ‘em poke holes in my dreams.
Let ‘em say that folks are bad,
but folks are never half as bad as the best of ‘em, it seems.

So I’ll be damned for doin’, I’ll be damned for nothin’
like some seven-headed beast of Babylon.
Still, I have faith that makes me good,
so that’s how I’ll go on.
That’s how I’ll go on.

I am scorned just ‘cause I’m diff’rent,
choosing lovers' arrows while guns are drawn.
Isn’t that what makes me good?
It’s hard for me to see as time goes on,
but that’s how I’ll go on.

Let ‘em say I don’t know nothin’.
Let ‘em say I ain’t worth the reach
‘cause I know I’ll have walked with giants
by puttin’ into practice all those fancy words I preach.

Still, hatin’s easy, lovin’s different
when night turns on its side and faces dawn.
Sometimes, I don’t believe that folks are good,
but, still, I must go on…

Then, I remember that love takes courage,
so that’s how I’ll choose to go on.



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