Look at you:

Burning the midnight oil,
caught between two stools,
your time worth an arm and a leg,
making a long story short and
discovering the method to your madness.

Piece of cake, isn't it?
Jump on the bandwagon, kiddo,
because in the heat of this moment,
your actions speak louder than words,
for when the cat has your tongue,
it's all out the door.

To add insult to injury,
it takes two to tango:
one to pull the wool over your eyes,
another to let sleeping dogs lie.

This bitter pill makes you
but a dime a dozen,
and, suddenly, you're all ears
at the drop of the hat --

back to the drawing board,
the ball is in your court,
but you're barking up the wrong tree,
beating around some proverbial bush.

The naked truth
is that you're not some hot potato,
but maybe that's a blessing in disguise
because you do have the best of both worlds, 
don't you?

Take it straight from the horse's mouth:
your guess is as good as mine.



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